About Green Hills

  • Company Green Hills brand Green Gool. The company was formed from the following large factory for the production of Chips It's name Free Foods. Trade, import and distribution of potato seeds from EU countries and Scotland. Agriculture Department : The company is planting about 2000 acres, or approximately 900 hectares of potatoes of the varieties of manufacturing to Covere Capacity of our factory export and local market. We contract with a large number of factories production Chips as well as factories producing French Fries and supply quantities of about 60 thousand tons to 70 thousand tons for all factories In the previous years we were distributors, sole and Egyptian pellets Egyptian companies to import seeds and we were selling and distributing from 20 thousand tons to 30 thousand tons per season.

  • Board of Directors

    Mahmoud Faried Shararah Ahmed Sobhy Mansour Sami Messiha Kirollos