• Introduction

    Green Hills & Free Foods both derived from companies socialized in Agribusiness. Green Hills is established derived from company to Free Food from the following large factory for the production of Chips. Specialized in Trade, import and distribution of potato seeds from EU countries and Scotland.

    Green Hills Agriculture Department Domain Activities :

    The Agriculture Department in the company is planting about 2000 acres, or approximately 900 hectares of potatoes of the varieties of manufacturing to Cover Capacity of our factory needs, and also we have Vendors contracts with large number of farmers to supply huge amount of Potatoes about 60 to 65 thousand tons enough to number of factories production Chips as well as factories producing French Fries and tables Potatoes in Egypt, and to cover all our contract to export.

    Green Hills Seeds Breeding and Trading Departments Domain Activities:

    Green Hills Entrepreneurship in importing and distribution of potato seeds from EU countries - France, Belgium, Denmark, and Holland as well as Scotland. Earlier years, we were distributors of imported for the largest distribution company of potato seeds. Where we used to grow and distribute With amount range of 30 thousand tons of imported seeds of this company and starting 2019, we started to import our seeds from EU countries which mentioned earlier.